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Pyromatics uses patented technologies to not only manufacture standard grades of fused-quartz but also uniquely-engineered materials with tailored thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.   Pyromatics is the only known company that utilizes molding as a manufacturing process to produce a diverse product range of shapes and sizes in clear, translucent and opaque grades of fused quartz.

Molding consists of rapidly fusing pre-formed shapes over purified-graphite molds to form one-piece (seamless) fully-dense articles (tanks, trays, crucibles, etc).  Shapes are molded “to-size” allowing for consistent dimensional control and uniform wall thickness.

Pyromatics is also the singular company that offers a microstructurally engineered fused-quartz designed for thermal management (LD series of materials). These materials are opaque and are exceptional insulators to heat transfer via radiation and conductivity.

Commercial grades of clear, translucent and opaque fused-quartz are manufactured into a wide range of shapes and sizes for the industrial market. Product purity ranges from 99.0% to 99.998%.  The clear and translucent grades are considered theoretically dense and the opaque grades are manufactured to a lower density (closed-pore LD Series) to enhance thermal conductivity and block light transmission.  

Product shapes vary and include both simple and complex geometries. Simple shapes consist of cylinders, crucibles, trays and plates and are frequently used for single-crystal silicon growth by the Czochralski method, for solder pots/liners, for metal and rare earth powder processing, for refining of precious metals and for a variety of laboratory and other uses.  Square/rectangular tanks, domes, and other geometries are used in semiconductor, solar and fiber-optic manufacturing.

Presently, our maximum OD and height capability is 25 and 16 inches, respectively. Thermal management materials (LD opaque grades) can also be shaped to a desired geometry or manufactured into flat plates (up to 25 inches OD and up to 2 inches thick) for subsequent grinding.  In many instances, Pyromatics’ parts and materials have been OEM specified for over 20 years and are presently being designed into next generation process equipment by world-class Advanced Engineering/Research groups.

WHY CONSIDER PYROMATICS’ PRODUCTS?  In our quest to be environmentally responsible, we recover and recycle scrap and aftermarket fused quartz products, thereby, conserving the earth’s natural resources. We know of no other fused quartz company which follows the same practice of recycling to replace virgin quartz-bearing raw materials. Pyromatics guarantees our products for purity and soundness. We are the only quartz company in the world that includes a serial number on every shipped molded-part which assures the customer that all controls concerning purity are maintained and traceable throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our versatile/patented molding process allows us to offer a broad range of fused-quartz shapes/sizes in a variety of material grades.  Molding is a very cost-effective process and produces seamless, one-piece articles that generally outperform hand-welded equivalents.  
Much of our product line is customer specific, i.e., custom made. Customization is one of Pyromatics’ strengths – our engineers work directly with the customer to provide ultimate product performance and value.   Standard shapes and sizes are always kept in inventory.

Pyromatics also manufactures a patented fused-quartz material (LD Grade) engineered specifically for thermal management. LD materials offer added flexibility for the design engineer where thermal insulation is an issue.  They allow for the construction of energy-efficient systems, reduce or eliminate light-piping and, in general, help solve problems where heat management solutions are required.

  1. PURITY.  Pyromatics’ fused-quartz is one of the highest purity materials commercially available.  Water content for both its translucent and opaque grades is the lowest in the industry. They are, therefore, somewhat more refractory.  
  2. MOLDED.  All of Pyromatics’ products are of one-piece construction (seamless) via a unique molding process. Unlike standard commercial product, there are no welded seams in the principal body to create weak or high-stress areas susceptible to distortion and breakage. Molded product is highly price-competitive vs. hand welded/fabricated product.
  3. CONTRAST TO ARC-FUSED MATERIALS/PRODUCT. The mechanical and thermal properties of  Pyromatics’ molded product are isotropic and predictable. Molded product is characterized by a uniform microstructure. Arc-fused materials are inconsistent across a given cross-section because of variable density and bubble content. These materials are only “bubble-free” on the inside wall of a manufactured component. Arc-fused product is usually surface sand-blasted to visually mask cosmetic variation.
  4. THERMAL MANAGEMENT.  Pyromatics’ unique LD series of fused-quartz was developed specifically for enhanced thermal-management. Heat transfer through radiation and/or conductivity has been dramatically reduced by way of microstructural design. There are no other known commercial fused-quartz materials that offer a thermal management option.
  5. GREEN TECHNOLOGY. We strive to conserve the earth’s natural resources by recovering and recycling scrap and aftermarket fused quartz products instead of mining quartz from the earth’s beaches, deserts and sandstones.
  6. QUALITY.  Pyromatics guarantees the quality of its entire product line.  Serial numbers are imbedded in all shipped product to enable complete traceability.
  7. CUSTOMIZATION.  Pyromatics’ flexible manufacturing-process is ideal for customer-specific customization.  Our engineers work directly with the customer, on a value basis, to meet their needs. 

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