Solder Pots

Part No. Size Material Price
all dimensions in inches  
7690-275 O.D.: 7.680
Height: 2.750
Wall: 0.158
PyroSil$ 311.00

Solder Pot

Typically available in PyroSil. Other materials available by special request. Fused quartz is an ideal material choice for solder pots and melting-pot crucibles for either lead-free or conventional tin-lead alloys. While most lead-free solder, babbit, zinc, and pewter will corrode/erode the base metal of stainless steel or cast iron solder pots and melting-pot crucibles, fused-quartz is resistant to corrosion/erosion from the class of lead-free solder alloys as well as the common tin-lead alloys. Additionally, high purity fused-quartz is a high performance ceramic with exceptional thermal-shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation up to 1000o C. Field results show that both opaque and clear fused-quartz perform equally well.

A national electronics manufacturer found that fused quartz was one of the few materials resistant to their solder alloy of choice (zinc, cadmium) and zinc fluoride flux. PyroSil pots are used to contain the solder alloy at 900o F and dipping is performed on wire bundles to 4 inches in diameter. PyroSil showed no evidence of corrosion/erosion even after 2,000 hours of use.

*Pouring spouts and flares are optional and can be quoted upon request.  Other sizes and special shapes are available.


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