Clear Molded Crucibles & Calcining Vessels

Part No. Size Material Price
all dimensions in inches  
6669-5 OD: 6.000
Height (OD): 5.000
Wall: 0.140
Pyro220$ 124.00
6909 OD: 6.063
Height (OD): 9.843
Wall: 0.138
Corner: 0.531
Bottom: 15 deg. angle w/flat spot
Pyro220$ 252.00
6310 OD: 6.000
Height (OD): 3.500
Wall: 0.130
Corner: 0.250
Bottom: 6.000
Pyro220$ 113.00

Crucible Measurements

Typically available in Pyro220. Other materials available by special request. High purity fused quartz Pyro220 crucibles are made in a broad range of sizes for the Czochralski process of growing single crystal silicon ingots.

They are formed using a proprietary process involving strictly controlled atmosphere and thermal gradients. Subsequently, they have a number of advantages over crucibles formed by the conventional method of arc fusing quartz sand. Pyro220 crucibles are characterized by their transparency, high temperature strength, dimensional precision and low bubble content. These properties have been proven to promote superior crystal yields in the semiconductor industry.

Pyro220 crucibles transfer more radiant heat than opaque crucibles, which reduces the amount of sweeping gas required and results in better temperature control. Due to its distortion resistance in high temperatures, the crucible helps to extend the life of the graphite susceptor. Pyromatics’ crucibles have excellent dimensional precision along their bottom radii, walls, and diameters, insuring a good fit in the susceptor. The smooth exterior finish allows the crucible to be placed in the susceptor without abrasion, keeping the furnace free of loose graphite particles.

Custom sizes are available. FAX or e-mail us your specifications today and allow us to help reduce your operating cost.

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